It's well known:



Just 10% of world's population are left-handed. 
Left-handed people use more of the right hemisphere of their brain which is closely related to creativity. 
W. A. Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, J. W. Goethe, Franz Kafka, they are all left-handed!
Although creativity does not only come from artists, but from anyone who brings something original to the society.

We will take the initiative and set up a web gallery to promote and sell your best works all over the world!











Fresh News and a Happy New Year!


53 CREATIVES from 15 countries and 14 different creative fields completed our questionnaires regarding two of our main categories: SHOP and PROMOTION.

1. Soon, we will Launch a new presentation website where the 53 creatives can be seen all over the world.
2. The new website will be able to connect the project and the creatives with our future international crowdfunding campaign, that will help us to build our creative platform which will present and sell Creativity from more than 14 different fields.

LEFT-HANDED & Creative Team